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About The Author & Illustrator

Author – Gregory March

Greg was inspired to write his book series during meditation, whilst on retreat at a Zen Monastery called Plum village founded by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Since childhood, Greg was introduced to meditation, yoga and breathing exercises by his Mum, a yoga teacher and Dad who was exploring various types of meditation. One of his favourite story books growing up and to this day is, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones – 101 Zen stories.

Greg became a father of two and was reading many bedtime stories to his kids. This combined with all the above experiences spurred Greg on to create his own Zen story series for kids.

Embedded in the stories is a theme of well-being for kids (and adults), including ‘letting go’ in The Muddy Road’ his first book, a simple breathing technique in The Dog Who Chased His Tail, and mindfulness exercises in The Wild Horse.

Author Gregory March With His Family
Illustrator Yae

Illustrations – Yae Yeung

The book series’ wonderful illustrator Yae Yeung was serendipitously introduced to Greg at a local fair and fun day where she was drawing kids portraits. The Manga style leaped out at Greg as the prefect style for the series, paying homage to his love for Zen stories.

Yae Yeung loves reading and drawing Manga (Japanese style comics). She studied in a Manga school in Japan for three years and loves drawing the interaction between humans, living things and nature.

The books have already had success in Hong Kong, where Scholastic have promoted Greg on author visits to many international and local schools including the Canadian, American, German Swiss, Carmel international schools and many other Kindergarten and primary schools.

During these author visits, Greg saw the importance of practical exercises through the medium of the simple breathing song in The Dog Who Chased His Tail and was inspired to write his third book, The Wild Horse, to include a number of practical mindfulness exercises for kids, parents and teachers to enjoy during class, at home or in the great outdoors! Once again illustrated in the traditional Manga style so beautifully hand painting by Yae Yeung.

What People Are Saying

“When Greg March visited our energetic year ones late 2016, he shared his gentle book “The dog who chased his tail”. This softly illustrated picture book was perfect for inspiring our students to take a moment out of their busy brains. Based on a Zen story, the book focusses on how to stop “chasing your tail” and simply breathe.

Since Greg’s visit, the class sing a little breathing song after break to ease back into the school day. Thank you Greg, for sharing a simple but delightful book to help our students become more mindful. We can’t wait to see Greg’s next Zen-inspired children’s picture book.”

Megan Lindsay

Teacher Librarian, German Swiss International School

“Gregory March attended our school in December 2016 to read his second book, ‘The Dog Who Chased His Tail’ to each of our year groups. It was a very successful event as the topic of ‘Mindfulness’ was especially relevant at the time.

Furthermore, Mr March’s relaxed, easy-going approach towards the children was well received, and both the reading style and book character were easy to follow and identify with. It was an enjoyable, interactive and memorable occasion.”

Mira Hasofer

Head of Elementary, Carmel School Association