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The Dog Who Chased His TailThe Dog Who Chased His Tail is a simple and fun kids meditation story. Tanzan (the boy) and Ekido (the dog) are friends that go on a little journey into how to calm down by following the breath.

This simple meditation technique is shared in a very kid-friendly fashion via a fun breathing song and beautiful illustrations.

Ekido is running around in circles and can’t stop chasing his tail as dogs do. Tanzan is sitting calmly, cross-legged, and suggests Ekido calm down. Ekido is lost in his thoughts and the important task of catching his tail!

Here author Gregory March, interjects his favourite Zen parable called ‘A cup of tea’, whereby a Zen master overfills his student’s teacup and exclaims – ‘like this cup, your mind is too full. No more can go in’. Tanzan pours water into Ekido’s dog bowl and grabs his attention. There the introduction to meditation and simple breathing song begins.

This beautiful and gentle book is illustrated by the talented Yae Yeung in a manga style aptly chosen for this ‘Zen’ story. The simplicity of the delightful illustrations lends themselves to a clear step by step kids mediation guide that children can follow visually with ease and relate with the boy and his dog.

The prime-age group for this book ranges from 4-8 years old but it is enjoyed by older siblings too and many parents have commented on how it also calms them down in a unique way that other children’s story hasn’t yet done and sought to learn more meditation themselves too.

Author Gregory March has a passion for meditation spanning over thirty years. Upon becoming a father himself of two boys, he was drawn to both sharing simple meditation techniques with his children and through the process of discovering bedtime stories again, was compelled to create this book and his first book The Muddy Road which is part of his series (the third book will be printed soon – The Wild Horse – Pre-Order Now and receive a special edition signed copy by the author Gregory March). Click here to order.

In this crazy world, we find ourselves in these days, we and our children need this book. Highly recommended.

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